The company’s goal is to provide energy services to industrial, commercial and shipping companies using innovative technologies and applications in domestic and international market. The reduction in operating costs is crucial for the profitability of a company, in many business categories such as Industries – Manufactures, Biological treatment, Pumping station, Hotels, Office buildings / showrooms, Warehousing – Logistics Buildings, Quarries, Refrigerators. MES ENERGY SA is active both in the area of rejected heat energy recovery and in the optimization of voltage and power quality, obtaining the know-how and equipment for the study and implementation of related projects. Depending on the object of each business and the facilities at its disposal, some of the following methods can be applied to reduce energy costs

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    Application in industrial systems to reduce energy consumption and harmonics, improve Power Factor, increase lifetime – reduce maintenance costs



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    Design of interventions for cost savings (LED bulbs, management systems) based on lighting studies and measurements.



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    Installation of heat exchangers in smaller facilities (exhaust, engine coolers, vapor condensation) or ORC systems in cases with significant waste heat



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    Redesign processes to achieve energy optimization by installing controllers and PLC systems



MES ENERGY SA undertakes the implementation of SEEMP (Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan) for shipping companies. In this context, the company carries out:

  • Inspection and finding EEOI (Ship Energy Efficiency Operational Index)
  • ”On board energy audit’
  • Energy investigation of engine room and other energy consuming areas of the boat. In this context, the company undertakes the investigation of:
  • Energy losses
  • Leakage in air and steam circuits
  • Heat sinks
  • Motor Ineffectiveness
  • Power quality analysis
  • Vibration analysis
  • Automation Errors
  • Electric leaks and damages
  • Specialized energy and environmental consultancy services for the standards ISO 50001 and ISO 14001

MES ENERGY SA undertakes the following services:

  • Energy audit and energy efficiency assess of facilities
  • Energy losses measurement
  • Application of data logging systems and energy consumption monitoring systems
  • Study, design and installation of cogeneration systems (CHP) and / or Energy Production systems from Renewable Sources
  • Optimization Study of energy efficiency systems and interventions
  • Automation applications of installation and visualization of production systems processes (SCADA)
  • Energy Management Contracts
  • Consulting services and intra-corporate training for the systems ISO16001: 2007 / ISO50001: 2011

The intervention in street lighting and lighting systems of facilities may result in great savings, as this cost is one of the largest operational costs of Municipalities, Organizations or Services OF General Interest, while it will also lead to an aesthetic upgrade of the grid. The advantages of interventions include the reduction in maintenance costs, the energy saving from the use of LED bulbs, the opportunities the management systems give (eg. dimming, shutdown when the road is not used in cooperation with sensors and immediate ignition when conditions change) and optimization due to the application of European standards and performance of lighting studies and measurements.