MES ENERGY SA is the subsidiary company of the MESOGEOS group of companies dealing with energy applications. It was created after the acquisition of C ENERGY LTD, a construction and consultancy company in the area of renewable energy with strong expertise in energy issues in order to:

  • Acquire a significant share in the market of applications, construction and RES services and Energy Saving.
  • Take active part in National and European or International research projects in the thematic area of Energy.
  • Develop energy trading activities in the wider region of Southeast Europe, with expansion to the markets of Turkey, Italy and the Balkans.
  • Invest in electrical energy production from environmental friendly sources and in particular, developing self owned wind farms, photovoltaic facilities, small hybrid projects with use of photovoltaic and batteries and energy production facilities from waste and biomass.
  • Provide energy services to third parties (ESCO), as well as electrical and thermal energy saving services, using technologies like the Rankine (ORC), Organic cycle machines, or micro coproduction (micro-CHP), Fuel cells technologies, as well as other conventional technologies that will contribute in major improvement of energy efficiency of industrial systems, Marine and Commercial sector.

MESOGEOS Group is one of the largest groups in the field of environmental protection in Greece. It is highly-positioned in the market of water and solid waste treatment as well as the sector of energy generation from renewable sources of energy. MESOGEOS is a leader in the Greek market and consistently runs and develops services in Great Britain, Cyprus, and Romania. Products of the group have also become available in a number of countries. MESOGEOS is traditionally active in the following areas:

  • Concession agreements and PPP (Public Private Partnerships) for drinking water supply, wastewater treatment and solid waste management
  • Providing operation and maintenance services for networks and water, wastewater and solid waste treatment plants
  • Technical and consulting support of Municipal Enterprises for Water and Sewage and solid waste management operators
  • Design and construction of treatment plants and networks
  • Development and supply of precast systems (compact) for water and wastewater treatment


The company’s strategy is summarized in the following lines:
  • Development and Investments in proprietary projects of all RES technologies.

  • Creating Energy Saving Products and Services covering strategic customers in the hotel industry, the field of shipping and Industry.

  • Use of innovative Technologies and Systems with high added value.

  • Partnerships in the wider region of Southeast Europe that enhance the company's position in the Electricity Services Market

  • Cooperation with reliable investors and funds in the energy field.

  • Participation in research projects in the energy sector and cooperation with research institutions.


Dionisis Georgopoulos, President

Mr. Georgopoulos holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from NTUA and has 25 years experience in water management, wastewater and solid waste management. He was founder, shareholder and manager of environmental studies company EPEM (1992- 1999). In 2000, he founded MESOGEOS SA active in the field of design, construction and management of water, wastewater and solid waste treatment and disposal projects. He has been Managing Director of MESOGEOS group, which has a dominant position in the Greek water and waste market and significant activity in Cyprus and Romania. He has great experience in designing and construction of dozens of mechanical biological waste treatment works, landfills and sewage treatment plants, desalination plants and water refining etc. He is also founder, main shareholder and president of the Training Centre Techniki Ekpedeutiki SA with significant activity in Greece and Balkans.

Konstantinos Terzis, CEO - BoD member

Mr. Terzis holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Patras, he is also a holder of a MSc in Energy Production & Management (NTUA) and holds a degree in Industrial Management, University of Piraeus. He has served as CEO of Energy Trading SA, Chief Financial Director of C Energy Ltd., CEO of Cult Productions IKE, Consultant of WIND7 AG and ISOLUX CORSAN SA in Greece, SRF combustion stations Studier of ENGAL SA.

Subject specialization: Photovoltaic, Rankine Organic Cycle, Biomass, technicoeconomical studies.

Panagiotis Laggouranis, CTO

Mr. Laggouranis, holds a degree in Electrical Enginering and a Msc in Energy Production & Management (NTUA). He has served as: Technical Adviser of ZEFYROS LTD, in the development of wind farms, Technical Adviser of BIOZEPHIROS Srl, based in Romania, Technical Director of C Energy Ltd.

Subject specialization: Projects and studies of wind power stations, photovoltaic, biomass.

Dr. Panagiotis Zervas, BDD

Dr. Zervas holds a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from National Technical University of Athens. His area of interest and specialization refers to Renewable Energy Sources Systems, Hydrogen Technologies, Process and Systems Optimization, Control Systems and Computational Fluid Dynamics. He has written articles for numerous scientific journals as well as printed media and has served as General Director of Cardel SA, General Director of C Energy Ltd. and as CEO of Econoisis ABETE.


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