Construction of Photovoltaic Stations with a Total Power of 1 MW at Locations KATSIKANIA and DOURA for ARGOLIKI ENERGY COMMUNITY Ltd

On January 18, 2021, MES ENERGY signed a Contract with ARGOLIKI ENERGY COMMUNITY Ltd for the construction of Photovoltaic Stations(PVS) with a total power of 1 MW, at the locations “Katsikania” and “Doura”, in the Municipality of Argos-Mykines, at the Regional Unit of Argolis. Therefore, MES ENERGY undertook the development, study, supply, installation and commissioning of two PV Stations of 499,2 kWp power each, as well as all the preparatory work, required for the Stations to be ready to operate productively on behalf of ARGOLIKI ENERGY COMMUNITY Ltd. In the construction of each Station, 934 PV panels of the leading company JA SOLAR, of type JAM-72S30-MR SERIES with 535Wp power each, two HUAWEI SUN 2000 185kVA KTL and one HUAWEI SUN 2000 105kVA KTL inverters and one Medium Voltage Substation were used, as well as all the required earthing, lighting protection and surge protection systems. In addition, to ensure the safety of the Stations, a fence and a closed-circuit television (CCTV) were installed. The monitoring of the electric values of the Stations is realized through a Control and Supervision System communicating with the inverters, while the supervision of their operation is achieved through a data monitoring and recording system. Specifically, the PLC version of SMART LOGGER is used, offering seamless data transmission via power cables. MES ENERGY also undertook the operation guarantees of the projects and delivered the relevant plans and operation manuals.
On August 5, 2021, a technical inspection took place at the Stations and found that all the works for the implementation of the projects were realized successfully and in accordance with the requirements of ARGOLIKI ENERGY COMMUNITY Ltd. It is also worth mentioning that the assigned works were performed according to Greek and International standards (ΕΛΟΤ, IEC). Currently, the PV Stations are activated and successfully connected to the electric grid of HEDNO, starting their period of “Trial Operation”.