The company is planning a power plant of 250kW biogas station and 250kW bioliquid station in the location old national road Heraklio – Rethimno Tilissos Malevizio Heraklio. The company received the connection terms from DEDDIE SA, in August 2014 and the final Environmental Impact Study was submitted in February 2015. Upon completion of the Environmental licensing and issuing of decision approving environmental conditions the company will be able to proceed to the project implementation.

The one part of the unit will be operating using the method of anaerobic digestion (biogas) using as feedstock expired food and waste from slaughtering, cheese dairies, farms and agriculture. The other part of the unit will be operating by burning biomass (bioliquids) using as raw material cooking oil. The unit is designed to process 14050 tons of feedstock per year.