Provision of Services for the Development of the Electric-Vehicles’ Charging Stations Plan in the Municipality of Heraklion, Crete

On December 2, 2020, the Municipality of Heraklion signed a contract with MES ENERGY concerning the provision of support services in the development of the Electric-Vehicles’ Charging Stations Plan, also known as S.F.I.O. This initiative aims to exploit the possibilities offered by Law 4710/2020 for the development of electromobility and its infrastructure, so as to achieve the objectives of the National Plan for Electromobility. In order for the Municipality to respond timely to the priorities and needs that arose, the assistance of specialized consultants with experience in the field of electromobility and implementation of action plans was required. MES ENERGY was chosen for this role, using funding from municipal sources. In more detail, the company undertook the support in the development of the Electric-Vehicles’ Charging Stations Plan, which determines the location of a sufficient number of normal or high power publicly accessible charging stations for Electric Vehicles (E/V), as well as the parking spaces for E/V within the administrative boundaries of the Municipality. Initially, the company analyzed the existing situation and the mapping of the intervention area, then chose the location of charging stations of E/V and created scenarios for the development of an integrated E/V charging network and, finally, the company delivered the relevant Master Plan, as well as a monitoring method for the S.F.I.O.
Some of the benefits that arise for the Municipality, through the mentioned activity, include the complete and detailed recording of the installation locations of charging stations of E/V, as well as the conduction of a Master Plan, in order for the Municipality to be ready to submit funding offers for the realization of the project concerning the creation of charging infrastructure. However, it is worth mentioning that the most important benefit remains the turn of the Municipality towards clean transportations and the reduction of its environmental footprint.