Relocation of P/V System for LAMDA HELLIX S.A.

On September 10, 2020, MES ENERGY signed a contract with LAMDA HELLIX S.A. concerning the provision of services for the relocation of a P/V system of 100 kWp power from an existing building of the company to a new location. In more detail, MES ENERGY undertook the licensing process for the relocation of the project, modifying the existing contracts as well as proceeding to the required licensing for the new installation site. The company also undertook the relocation process of the project, in accordance with the specifications of standards ΕΛΟΤ ΕΝ 62446 and ΕΛΟΤ HD 384 which define the requirements for the documentation, the tests, the commissioning, the inspection and the electrical installation of the project. Moreover, the company installed a grounding system in the new location, according to the standards ΕΛΟΤ 1197 and IEC EN 62305-2.
LAMDA HELLIX S.A. is one of the fastest growing data center service providers in Southeast Europe, Middle East and North Africa. Environmental protection is a key pillar in the company’s efforts and daily practice, present both in its functions and in the services it provides. It is worth mentioning that, through the above collaboration, MES ENERGY contributed to the shared goal of reducing the environmental footprint of the company.