Supply of LED LIghting and Central Electronic Remote Control System for Electric Lighting Networks in the Municipality of Igoumenitsa

The Municipality of Igoumenitsa conducted an open, international, electronic tender for the Supply of LED Lighting and Central Electronic Remote Control System for Electric Lighting Networks. MES ENERGY was chosen for the above purpose, as it presented the most cost effective offer. Therefore, the company signed the relevant contract with the Municipality of Igoumenitsa on January 8, 2021. The contract is part of the Cooperation Programme Interreg V/A Greece – Italy (EL-IT) 2014 – 2020 and was co-funded by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund ERDF), by national resources through the Public Investment Program, and by the Municipality of Igoumenitsa.
Under the contract, MES ENERGY undertook the upgrade of street lighting networks in the Municipality of Igoumenitsa, through the supply and installation of a central remote control system of lighting networks and 230 luminaires using LED technology – controllers for the connection to the remote control system. All luminaires were installed in existing networks, in accordance with the applicable safety regulations for the electric grids. In specific, 113 of them have single arm lighting poles and are suitable for street lighting, 105 are hanging lights, suitable for urban streets, and the remaining 12 are post lights, ideal for squares and pedestrian streets. The lighting fixtures were installed on the coastal axis, on inland streets and in the central playground of the Municipality. As for the remote control system, its implementation was completed through the appropriate Management Software, ensuring the wireless control and communication of both the controllers located inside the lighting fixtures and the area controllers – local communication nodes (Gateway), which are installed near the pillars of the lighting networks. MES ENERGY undertook the assembly, installation, connection, trial operation and delivery of the system in full operation, as well as all the material required for the proper execution of the works of the system. The company, also, undertook the training of the Municipal staff in the functions of the system, the delivery of all technical manuals concerning the installation and maintenance of lightings and the use of the remote control system, as well as the repair of faults during the warranty period.
The benefits resulting from the above activity are multiple. On the one hand, the old, hi-energy-consuming lightings of conventional type were replaced by new LED lightings, which have lower consumption. In addition, using the Central Electronic Remote Control System for Electric Lighting Networks, it is possible to remotely manage and supervise the lighting installations, measure the consumed energy, detect damages etc. Finally, the brightness level can be adjusted according to the requirements and needs of the area (Dimming), thus achieving additional energy saving, as excessive lighting is avoided, where and when it is not needed. Through all the above, MES ENERGY contributed to meet the needs in energy saving of the Municipality of Igoumenitsa, as well as to the reduction of operation and maintenance costs of the relevant lighting networks.